Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Backpack pictures

A while back I got my Girls With Slingshots buttons and pinned them to my backpack. I also promised pictures of buttons and backpack. Well here they are:

This is my backpack which I take everywhere. It's conveniant for carrying a lot of small things that don't fit in my pockets like a hair brush, headache relievers, my writing joural and a book. Also if I buy something I don't have to walk around with a bag in my hand.
On the back pocket you can see from left to right a group shot with Jamie, Hazel and McPedro, a Hazel button and a Jamie button. Hazel and Jamie are two of the heroines of Girls With Slingshots.

Here is McPedro the Irish talking cactus.

This is Tyler, a kid Hazel babysits in the comic. As for why he's saying, "Booooooooobies!" you can read his origin comic to find out but he does reappear in later strips.

This is my trusty Vault-Tec lunch box. It protects my copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman from getting trashed.

And here is my copy of American Gods within the steel hardened tin walls of the Vault-Tec lunch box.

Thats my backpack.

And here's a special bonus picture of myself that I took today.
Umm, yes I took this in the bathroom but only because the flash on my camera stopped flashing and I didn't want to go outside.

All these photos plus two others I took of myself today can be found on my Photostream on Flickr

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