Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving day

So I called my parents to find out for sure that we were getting together with family and they told me they're going out of town tomorrow and coming back Friday.  They invited me to go with them but I said I'd rather just stay in town.  I really wanted to spend sometime with them but not that much time.  I'm still kind of unsure of supportive they are of me.  I feel kind of bad for saying no.  But I need to look after myself and while I know they would pay for everything and not mention it; I don't feel like taking advantage of them like that.  I don't know.


Okay update time.

I quit my job last week.  Last Tuesday I woke up and started crying.  I cried for a few hours until I realized I wouldn't be able to go to work in the state I was in.  So. I called in.  I spent most of the day either crying or recovering from a crying bout.  I did a lot of thinking and decided to quit the next day.  The next day I told my manager I was quitting but I could work the day if he wanted me to.  I worked my shift and left for the last time.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next.  Right now I'm just trying to take care of myself.  I'm working on writing some stories.  I'm thinking about going back to college.  If I could get financial aid and a part time job it might be feasible.  I might just find a new job but one that I like more than the one I just quit.  I have a little time to decide.  I can afford to wait until mid January to find a job.  Not that I want to wait that long but if it takes that long to find a job I'll be ok.  Beyond then I'm going to be in trouble.  But I'm thinking positive and knowing that it won't come to that.