Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick Update

Yes it's just another I'm still alive posts.

I'm typing this on the computer at my workplace. It's been months since I typed on a keyboard infront of a real monitor. The Wii barely passes as a web browser.

Anyways I'm still running both stores but the regional manager will be in next week and she said she would be making a decision about managment then. I'm hoping that she will decide to make me the new manager. I would need a little more training to really take over but I really feel like it would be the best thing for the stores and employees.

I bought a car. After three years of choosing not to own one, I am once more a car owner. It kind of became essentiall after the stores fell into my lap. I needed to be able to say, "I'll be there in five minutes," if something went wrong at either store, which has happened in the past month.

It is New Year's Eve so I guess a resolution or two is in order. I'm not really big on resolutions as goals to achive and cross off a list but rather as something to strive toward like world peace or eating less desert.

Resolutions for 2010:

Really the only one I care to make is: Make more progress in transition. I've made this resolution twice before but I don't feel like I've failed to achive it. While I'm not yet living as a woman in my day to day life, I have come out to my parents and at my previous job and I have started hrt. I'm marking my own path. It might be longer than others but I will arrive.

I gotta go the mall doors will be locked soon and I need to do laundry tonight. See ya soon I hope.