Monday, March 16, 2009

Poetry writing in AIM

I was looking for one friend on AIM and found another that I hadn't talked to very recently. We chatted a bit and then she suggested writing poetry back and forth. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to write on command but once she wrote the first stanza ideas started blossoming. I had a lot of fun writing this. We only got two stanzas each but we'll be writing more in the future I hope.

Reba: i am at the window looking
for someone who is up the road
she is hiking hitching striking
she is speaking soft slow code

i know her and she knows me
we met so long ago
she is walking talking magic
i am something, but i'm slow

Me: I left a while long ago for greener fields
Saw two oceans
Walked through snow and fog
Passed the world by

But no greener pastures
My body wandered far but my heart stayed home
One more trip to make
Homeward bound to see she who waits by the window

Reba: i see her coming up the porch steps
how'd i miss her stalking gait
she's so pretty fucking gorgeous
i feel my heart scream, stupid trait

once in a while i heard her voice
through dreaming and through phone lines
she's standing outstanding emergency landing
her eyes are fire, lost and confined.

Me: She who has waited too long stands at the door
Greener pastures then those reflected
In her eyes do not exist
I stand silent on the porch

Windchimes fill the silence.
Did I travel too far?
Our eyes meet and great, what a treat
The gulf in my heart closes as the door opens

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