Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forgetting Words

I think I may have a problem.

I'm starting to forget words. Not permenatly. When I speak I sometimes forget the name for an item. If I stop for a minute it ussally comes to me eventully. If I don't stop all I can do is try to describe it. Like yesterday I want to tell a coworker to put a box in the broken refrigirater we use for storage and could not think of the word refrigirator. I wanted to say, "That box thats makes things cold but doesn't because it's broken." Instead I gestured at it and he figured it out.

It's a little bit scary because I can remember everything about the object, what it looks like, what it does, how you use it but not it's name. I know everyone has moments like these but they seem to be happening more often than I ever remember them happening.

Forgetting words like this is a warning sign of Alzheimer's. I don't have any of the other warning signs. Some other stuff I read suggests it might be something like brain damage but I haven't had any head injuries. I'm really scared that something isn't right.

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