Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I feel ill [trigger warning]

You know just when I think the world can't get any more fucked up, it does.

The regional archbishop in Brazil has excommunicated a nine year girl's doctors and mother. Why you ask? Well you see the little girl was raped by her stepfather. Wait there's more. What is a possible outcome of being raped? If you answered pregnancy, you are correct. The little girl was pregnant with twins. The twins were aborted for fears the girl would not survive the pregnancy.

Brazil has very strict anti-abortion laws which only allow abortion in cases of rape or if the woman's life is in danger. The little girl falls under both conditions. And so the regional archbishop excommunicated the mother for authorizing the abortion and the doctors for doing it.

The stepfather has not been excommunicated.

And he was probably also raping her fourteen year old physically handicapped sister.

And the Vatican is defending the archbishop's decision by saying that the doctors and girl's mother committed the greater crime. Yes aborting a pregnancy, that would have likely not come to term and killed the girl and the fetuses, to save the girl's life is worse than raping that same girl nine year old girl.

I feel ill.

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