Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work politics

Oh boy. My manager basicly said to me, "You're next in line to be lead assistant manager as soon as we get rid of the one we have now." He didn't say that exactly but he implied it heavily.

Now I have a couple of issues with being told this.
1. I dislike the idea that he wants to get rid of her to promote me.
2. The current chain of command goes Manager>Lead Assistant Manager>Assistant Manager>Team Leader(me). So he has implied that he wants to get rid of the current lead assistant manager and promote me over the current assistant manager. This just seems wrong to me.

Both of them are competent in their positions. Both of them are preforming their jobs at the best of their abilities. I can not think of a good reason why he wants to leap frog me up the chain of command.

No wait, I can think of one reason but god I hope it isn't the reason. Both the assistant manager and lead assistant manager are women. God, I hope he isn't thinking of promoting me so "the men" would be in charge. If I found out that was his motivation for wanting to promote me I would have to quit. Not think about quiting or consider quiting. I would just quit.

You know when I was just an employee I didn't have to deal with stuff like this.

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