Wednesday, May 6, 2009

big post

Ah been a few days so I have several things to talk about.

First up is my new MP3 player. I bought a Sansa Fuse with 4 GB which is plenty for me. Besides audio it also does video which is becoming a feature on any player big enough for a screen. The video converter works on avi files which means I could put some tv episodes or movies on it. I don't think I will because for one, it takes a long time for the converter to convert big files and two, I got a small headache watching while watching a twenty minute tv show episode I converted.

A few hard drive moves ago I lost all my music, about 4 gigs of songs. So I have nothing to put on it except for podcasts which is working out very well. I have three or four podcasts that my feed reader auto downloads for me. I've been letting them pile up because the only way for my to listen to them before now has been through my computer but when I'm at my computer I would rather watch a tv show or catch up on my feeds or just poke around wikipedia. I'm a little sad to say but I can't read a blog and listen to a podcast at the same time without losing some content. And there are some podcasts I really want to devote my entire attention to but when I'm at the computer well I wander. But with my Fuse I can step away from my computer and still listen to my podcasts.

And here's a picture of a Sansa Fuse(BTW mine is red too):

Now on to the package I recently received from Canada.

The package was from Leanne Franson writer/artist of Liliane, Bi-Dyke

Liliane, Bi-Dyke is a comic I found about two weeks ago. Quick disclamer: this comic is LGBT friendly(just to let you know in case the title didn't tip you off). I read through the archive in two nights. In 2006 the author's Saint Benard, Muesili, died which caused me to start bawling my eyes out when I reached those stories inspired by her pain. Why did it hit me so hard? Well, Liliane is based largely on the the author's life which included owning a Saint Bernard named Muesili who had been featured in a few stories. About a year later when she decided to get another dog she put together some very nice comic books from those stories featuring Musili and sold them on her site.

I was cautious in buying them because I wasn't sure she still had any left or that the prices listed were still valid. So I shot her a quick email asking for info and received a reply within minutes telling me she still had some and to go ahead and take advantage of any speacils still up. I ordered two sets of comics and two books of stories that had not been published online.

One set of all three Muesili comics for myself, which I got signed.

The two not online story books.

And one set of the two family friendly comics that I plan to give as a gift to someone(not sure who yet) at some point(not sure when yet).

Moving on to Roleplaying coincidences. Lets see, ok, first my friend Krystal has asked me if I wanted to form a small gaming group or possibly join a group. Soon afterward I began listening to the Penny Arcade/PvP DnD Podcasts on my MP3 player. And while listening to said podcasts, I see Will Wheaton has posted a hand full of links to free roleplaying guides and adventures. Maybe I'm overthinking things but it feels like I am being lead/guided to roleplaying. Not much else to say about that.

Guitar hero woes: I am without a guitar contorller. I lent mine to a family member and it has disappeared they have had said. I don't blame the familiy member. I know the risk in lending out stuff is to never see it again. I have been browsing for a new guitar in stores. I hoped to buy one in a bundle with a new game but could only find them with wireless controllers which I was told would only work with that game and other games in the same series but wired ones would work on both. Now after a quick search I see that Guitar Hero guitars(wired and wireless) also work with Rock Band but not the other way around. If I had known this sooner I would have bought one sooner.

Mother's Day is almost here. Normally a day to spend with family eating BBQ, this Mother's Day I will be at work. It's an unfortante side effect of working at a place that provides a sevice linked to the holidays. Not every holiday but those that involve buying tokens of affection cause a spike in our sales. Judging by the number of cookie cakes we've prerolled we will only be about half as busy as Valintine's day. I'm going to miss seeing my mom for most of the day. I might get to see her for a little while in the evening but I'm not sure.

Oy, I had one more topic but it's nearly 6am and I'm exasted, so it'll get it's own post tomorrow.

See ya.

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