Sunday, May 31, 2009

Employee trouble

Today I had two employees not show up for work.

One didn't call in. I left a message on his voice mail but did not get a call back. A no call, no show is usually an automatic dismissal. I know that sometimes things happen so I'm marking him in my mind as a possible fire. Until I find out why he wasn't at work I won't say he is going to be fired.

The other is almost definitely fired. Her story began Friday when she didn't show up to work and had a friend call to tell us she was going out of town. As another my lead said the only time anyone should call into work for you is if you're in the hospital, some exceptions made for extreme illness that does not lead to hospitalization.

This morning she called to tell me she was going to be late cause she was coming from out of town. Six hours later, five hours into her shift she called to tell me she was back in town. I can't remember what exactly I or she said but I do remember getting the feeling that she didn't want to go into work. I thought about it for a second and decided that the team I had at the moment was strong enough to carry through closing, so I told her not to come in.

Now I didn't tell her not to come in because she didn't want to, I told her because right then I didn't want her to come in. If she had just come in I would have let her work the rest of her shift but to call and basicaly ask to skip work isn't acceptable. She was a good employee and coworker but I just don't see how she can come back from this.

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