Friday, May 8, 2009

Guitar Hero / Work News

I bought Guitar Hero World Tour with a guitar controller. I also picked up Guitar Hero 3 cause it was marked down to $10. So far I've only been playing on easy to reawaken my feeble skills and have been 4 to 5 staring songs. I even managed to play perfectly through "What I've Done" by Linkin' Park on my first try. Truly an awesome moment for me since I've only managed to play one other song perfectly and that was after many attempts and it was the easiest song of Guitar Hero 2.

In other news I stopped by the cookie store to get a drink and had a little chat with my manager. He told me the regional manager had come by and talked to him about what is going to happen when they remodel the store and add the pretzel shop. In a nut shell he'll be manager of both, our current assistant manager will be in charge of the cookie store, I will be promoted to assistant manager and the pretzel shop will be mine. No raise right away but my manager is pressuring them. So here's hoping.

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