Monday, May 11, 2009

Wierd Dream

Oy, I had a honking huge rambling dream last night.

I help Samual Jackson dressed as his character from Pulp Fiction to find Ghostbusters 2 on DVD. My old boss offered me a piece of pie from a wall of pies in his store. I briefly walked through a world where there were no minorities(got out of there fast). Flew in a biplane with an open canopy and talked about salsa over the roaring wind. Got my period in the middle of a super store like Walmart and had to put on a pad with people wandering by the end of the aisle(really weird part was even though I appeared as a girl and was wearing a dress, I wasn't equipped with female genitalia, so I had to hide that from the woman who tried to help me). Drove north following a GPS to some goal I can't remember but found a job making cat stickers on the way.

The rest is fuzzy incoherent mess.

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