Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls with Slingshots / Work News and Thoughts

Today I arrived home to find a padded envolope waiting for me. I wondered who I knew in West Virgina as I read the return address. Throwing caution to the wind I tore open the end and discovered these inside:

I think I squeed with glee. My buttons from Girls With Slingshots had arrived. I wasted no time in attaching them to my backpack. When I get batteries for my camera, I'll be sure to post a pic. Until then just take my word that they look cool and not at all dorky.

Ah yes you might be wondering what is Girls With Slingshots. Well GWS(as much as I love the title it's a bit long to type it out everytime) is a web comic created by Danielle Corsetto. All you really need to know about GWS is that it's funny smart and at times sexy. I read through the entire archive in one sitting one night. This comic has comedy, romance, adventure and an Irish talking cactus. Let me say that again: It has an Talking Irish Cactus. What are you wanting for:

Trust me you won't regret it.


And now on to the other topic I wanted to cover my job.

So tonight my manager and I were talking and I'm not sure how we got on the subject but he told me if the lead assistant manager left he would recommend me for that position. I was a bit shocked and really didn't know what to say so I just kind of pretended he hadn't had said it.

Lately he's been giving me tips on how to manage, on delegating tasks and how best to order employees around without really ordering them around. He wants me to stand back more and let my crew do more of the work while I supervise. I find this very hard to do. I'm not used to doing nothing while everyone else works. I find myself becoming very uneasy if I don't do something.

I've never wanted to be in charge of other people. I never wanted the reponsibility. But the last two months has seen me leap from being a new hire to being fourth in the chain of command. I did not seek to be promoted but when the chance appeared I jumped at it. It makes me a little light headed to think I've come farther in a few months than I did in four years at my previous job.


  1. The very fact that you weren't aiming for the position may have been what landed it for you. You've most likely shown a good work ethic. As far as being in charge of other people, that's part of growing. You won't be staying in this job for the rest of your life (I hope), and as you advance, there will be people who will work in positions subordinate to you. This is training for the rest of your life in which you will learn to be fair but firm and when you are being bs'd. Surprise! You're competent and trusted.

    And I like the artwork in GWS. I'll check it out.
    All love,

  2. Trusted and competent. I like the sound of that.

    On the subject of growing, I feel like I did a lot of growing at my previous job but couldn't see it while stuck in the same position. Now I've been given an opportunity to excel in new ways. I am very aware that if I want to be more than just competent in my new position I need to grow more.

    Definitely check out GWS.