Friday, February 27, 2009

I've had my transgender pendent necklace since the end of July last year. Since then not one person has asked me what the symbol stands for or made any type of comment about it. Until recently that is. If you've been reading you might remember that a couple of weeks ago coworker asked about it and I deflected her question.

Earlier tonight another coworker asked, "What does that mean? Boys and girls together with Jesus?" I got a little laugh at his attempt to decode the symbol. I tried to shrug off his question but he really wanted to know so I eventually said I would tell him later after we had closed the store.

He asked a couple more times before the night was over and I reiterated that I would tell him later. Later came and while he, his cousin who also works with us and I waited for the last of the closing reports to print he asked once more. I sighed and said, "It's the symbol for transgender." He then asked why I was wore it and I said because I'm transgender. To which he said, "What's transgender?" I was a little stunned and at a lost for words. I glanced at his cousin and asked him if he knew. He said he did.

I literly could not think of a good way to explain it. Right now I can think of several things I could and should have said. Finally I resorted to asking him if he knew what a transsexual was. He said yes and I said it was something like that. He seem satisfide with that and we went on to talk about other things.

So now I'm out to two of the people I work with. I feel good about it. I'm still not sure about coming out to anyone else. I know that I'm making it a big issue when it probably isn't. I may not have to though. I didn't ask the two I told tonight not to talk about it. I though about asking them to keep quiet but discarded that idea as being a bit paraniod.

I've said before that I think my boss might know but that doesn't make it any easier to broach the subject.

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  1. Yay! Big step, Gil. That's awesome.