Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Laid Plans..

My plans for the day were derailed at 7:30 am when my manager came by and asked for the keys I was going to copy. The assistant manager, who has the other set of keys, didn't show up due to being sick. Not having any reason to get moving early I turned off my alarm and laid back down. I alone slept a few more hours before waking up enough to watch the episode of Sliders from the third season where Quinn meets his double who is a woman. While watching I got a phone call from my new friend Kino(nickname) and had a lovely chat about nothing in paticular.

After the lovely chat I took a shower and headed out to cash my check. Nothing remarkable happened on the way to or at the bank. Earlier I had mentioned to Kino that I was thinking about getting sushi or lunch however when I got out of the bank I was craving something meater. Looking around I saw a Texas Roadhouse which I had never been to before. Walking up to the front door I thought it was odd that the parking lot was empty just after lunchtime. This minor mystery was cleared up when I saw that they open their doors at 4pm.

Once more I looked around and saw that I was now much closer to the Tokyo Grill. Accepting this as a sign I settled(not that I was really unhappy) on sushi for lunch. I ordered a root beer to drink while browsing the menu. Printed on the chopstick wrapper was the following:

1. Tuck one chopstick under your thumb.
2. Hold the other between your forefinger and thumb like a pen.
3. Use your forefinger to move the upper chopstick. Now you can pick up anything.

Yes now I can pick up anything!

Since I have only been to Tokyo Grill once before I decided to pick out something different. After a little thought I ordered a spring roll, ell roll and a scorpion roll. There was a slight mix up and instead of a scorpion roll I got a monster roll. That's what Heather, my waitress, called it.

(This isn't the roll I ate but it's pretty close in appearance) 

I don't remember exactly what she said was in it but I think she said eel, shrimp and salmon. I enjoyed it. I had no other complaints and tipped well(I alway tip and usually in the high side).  Next time I'll get the scorpion roll.

I have a fierce headache so I will write about my trip to Hastings tomorrow.

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