Friday, February 20, 2009

Best Laid Plans.. Part 2

So now that my brain doesn't feel two sizes too big for my skull I wil regale you with the conlusion of yesterday which did not go exactly as planned but was still enjoyable.

After paying my bill at Tokyo Grill, I walked the two blocks to Hastings. I stopped momentaly in the airlock you enter through to browse the wall of TPB comics. A few items caught my eye but not enough to make me really want to spend money on them. Entering the store proper, I walked straight ahead into the music/game/comic/manga/anime/novoltiy section. (You know until just this moment I didn't realize that all that was thrown together while books and movies each have their own seperate sections.) I wasn't looking for anything in paticular or even looking to buy anything at all. I was mainly just there to browse around and kill some time. Walking past the rental games toward the comics I saw this:

What caught me eye, besides the beautiful cover, was the size of the book. It measures an impressive twelve inches by twelve inches, has 480 pages color pages and feels heavy enough to use as a weapon. It's a collection of short comics inspired by the songs of Tori Amos. The introduction by Neil Gaiman is a lovely story about how he was introduced to her and her music. Before each story is a page with the song title and lyrics that inspired it. With over 80 creators working on over 50 stories there is a lot of variety between the covers. There are love stories, mini adventures, slice of life stories, horror stories and some that speak to hidden parts of ourselves. The cover grabbed my attention, Neil reeled me in and the stories themselves have grabbed hold.

I decided to buy it almost imidiatly and spent the rest of my time lugging it around while browsing the toy/novoltiy asiles. I found a nice keychain in the shape of the BPRD symbol. I also saw this lunch box:

I almost bought it as well but when I opened it the lid fell off. On closer examination I saw the lid was not broken but poorly made. Looking at my Vault-Tec lunch box, that I got with Fallout 3, I can see the lid on my box is attached much more securely with small strips of metal that also function as hinges. The Serenity lunch box lid was attached to the rest of the box by a bent section of it's bottom lip that caught on another bent section on the box.

I seem to have developed a slight fondness for these metal lunch boxes but not as collector pieces. I like to carry a book with me but I don't like the book to get damaged by being shoved in my backpack. Enter the Vault-Tec lunch box which now protects my copy of American Gods. It takes up more room than the book alone but I can store more items inside if need be.

I didn't see much else of note during the rest of the time I spent browsing at Hastings. I left and returned home on the bus. I read a few of the stories in my new book and then played Fallout 3, which I need to write about soon.

So that was the day that didn't go as planned but ended well.

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