Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thinking about coming out

I've been doing some thinking about coming out as transgender at my current job. I did a little digging on my myspace blog and found the entry I made the day I came out at the deli I used to work at:

Today was my birthday and the day I came out as transgender at work. I hadn't been planning on coming out this soon but a few people found out a week ago and I decided it felt like a good time.

I made the final decision this morning. I updated my twitter and myspace status to say I was coming out today. I told my sister during the walk from the bus stop to our place of work(we work at the same place). As we walked in I saw my boss and began to feel real nervous and scared. He asked what was wrong and I told him nothing was wrong, I just needed to talk to him a about something. I began to feel like I had when I told my sister. After a minute of me trying to find the right words, he said, "Just spit it out." For some reason when he said that I felt a second of calm and was able to say, "I'm transgender." To which he said, "Ok I knew that." Needless to say I was stunned and any nervousness quickly left. We had a short chat during which I began to cry tears of pure joy.

After our chat I went to the bathroom to clean up, when I was done I went to find one of the few other employees who came in as early as me. I found her in the back and said, "There's something I want to tell you personally so you don't have to hear it through rumors. I'm transgender." And guess what she says, "Oh, I figured."

So yeah the first two people I tell had already figured me out. The third person I told also already knew because one of the people that found out last week had told him but he pretended not to know and let me tell him because he felt I needed to tell him myself. Which I did. After those three I found some co-workers who didn't have a clue but were fine with it. One asked if it meant I was gay. I said no. She asked if I was attracted to women and I said yes. To which she said, "Well if you think your a girl and you like girls then you're a lesbo." Which made me laugh.

I spent most of the morning feeling blissed out on feeling accepted.

Overall I had a great birthday.

I forgot I came out on my birthday. Rereading this made me miss the people I worked with but mostly it made me smile remembering a day where nothing bad happened, even though it could have.


  1. Great job! :) I thought that entry was wonderful. Hopefully if you come out at the cookie place it will be just like that too.

  2. Wait till you hear what happened earlier tonight.