Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm back

I've been busy at work what with being promoted to team leader which means this past week I had to put in a lot of extra hours to prepare for Valentine's day and the days leading up to it.

Being placed in a leadership role has been a new experiance.  I've never felt comfortable telling others what to do.  I prefer to work along side people rather than over them.  

Today I was in charge of closing, that is making sure the store is cleaned and everything is put away.  Normally I would help out but today I worked a fifteen hour day and by the end my back was hurting so bad I could bearly bend over and even just standing still hurt.  My manager saw how much I was hurting so he took me aside and told me that I was not to do any cleaning, I was to supervise everyone else in cleaning.  Even though I was in pain it didn't really feel right to just watch and I sneaked in a little cleaning.  I've been off my feet for a few hours and my back already feels better.  I hope all I need is a good night's rest.

Something happened after work that has me a little worried.  First a little background.  A few months ago I bought a necklace with a pewter pendent that looks like this:

That in case you didn't know is the symbol for transgender. I bought it shortly after coming out at my previous job. I kept wearing it after I quit and got hired at my current job because no one knows what it stands for and no one has ever asked me what it means. Today after work while waiting for my manager to finish the day's paperwork a coworker asked about it. I thought for a second about saying what it really means but instead I just said it was personal.  She excepted my answer and didn't press the matter.  She did say she was going to look it up online and find out what it means.  

I want to come out at work eventually but I'm not really ready yet. If there hadn't been other people around I think I would have told her the truth. I think I could trust her to not spread it around until I was ready.  I'm a little worried about her figuring it out on her own but not too worried.  

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