Monday, December 1, 2008

Introductions - In which I am like a smoothy

It's time I think to introduce myself.

But which self do I introduce. No, I don't have multiple personalities but I do have multiple personas.

I'm not me, except when I am me but which me am I.

I could be the geek and tell you of my comic collection and love of anime. My computers past and present could become the topic of the day. PS3s, X-Box 360s and Wiis, oh my.

I could be the bookworm and regale you with lists of books I've read multiple times. Pictures of my bookcases could wallpaper this blog and reviews of every book would fill the posts.

I could be the writer and write about writing. Everyday I could check in with the total number of words I had written that day. You could hear about how I'm stuck on this part or how the words are flying faster than I can type.

I could be the transgender woman and report on every change that my new hormoans bring. My first shopping trip would make a lovely post, don'cha think. Hormoans and clothes galore.

I could be the depressed girl and write dark poetry. My blog could languish for weeks until I came back and apologized for not posting more.

The truth is I'm all these and none of these. Like a blended drink made from fruit, milk and ice I cannot be separated, only consumed.

Tell next time I remain your hostess,


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