Monday, August 10, 2009

Moving Update

Friday I told my sister I had been thinking about moving out soon. She took it well. So right now the plan is to find an apartment and move out by the start of September. I could probably move out now but I don't want to just yank my part of the bills/rent out from under my sister's feet.

Tomorrow I'm going to look into getting an apartment in this complex near my work. If I can swing an apartment there it will be so sweet. Not only is it close to my work but there's a bank branch office and a supermarket within a ten minute walk. Right I'm a thirty minute bus ride from any one of those. I so want to get in there.

I don't have a lot to move, mostly books and bookcases and my bed. I have other stuff but those are the big items. I've started bringing home collapsed boxes one at a time so that when the day comes all I have to do is tape the bottoms.

Looking around my room I've started trying to imagine how all my stuff is going to fill or not fill my new apartment. My room is cramped with three full size bookcases, a desk with a bookcase over it, a small book case and my bed but I've seen the floor plans for the apartment I want to rent and it's at least three times as large as my room. Its going to be a bit bare until I can get some furnature like a couch or a table or even just a chair. I'm excited by thoughts of buying a set of pots and pans.

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