Monday, August 10, 2009

Moving Update part 2/Doritos Tacos at Midnite review

So due to the webcomic archive binge(Full Frontal Nerdity, Today Nothing Happened, and Permanatly Seated) I went to sleep around 5 am last night. I woke up around 2 pm but then I realized I had no nice clean clothes so I stuffed my big duffel full and walked to the laundromat. I got my ussal treat on the way, a large cup of cucumber and cantaloupe covered with lime and chile powder. This is something I'm going to miss once I move. I may have to start making it myself (thinks about slicing fruits and vegetables up). It shouldn't be too hard.

While I was washing my clothes I walked across the street to get a snack from the gas station. This is also part of my clothes washing routin. Ussally I get a hotdog, a bag of chips and a soda but today I decided to skip the dog and just get chips. As I entered the chip aisle I saw a new flavor of Doritos called Tacos at Midnite. The bag looked a little weird and when I looked it over I saw it had one of those symbols that you show to your webcam at the site the bag says to and in the image of you holding the bag the site inserts something over the bag and you can like turn it and move it by just moving the bag. I've always wanted to try that so I bought the chips.

Now, I like Doritos and not just the regular nacho or ranch flavors, so believe me when I tell you these chips did not taste as good as other Doritos I have eaten. I ate about half the bag and just could not convince myself to finish them. Normally if I pay for some food item I will finish it even if it isn't as good as I thought it would be. So for me to say I could not finish these chips and thew away half the bag is kind of a big deal. I kept the bag cause I did want to try out the webcam/bag thing, which ran very slow and choppy my netbook for some reason. So in the end I didn't get a tasty snack nor did I get a fun interactive web thing out of the Doritos Tacos at Midnite chips bag.

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