Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving Update 3

I found this comic to be very funny and relevant to current events in my life.

I went by the leasing office for the apartment complex I want to move to and filled out an application. Before I filled it out I was informed that all of the apartments of the floor plan I wanted were rented out. The complex has five floor plans, three one bedroom plans and two two bedroom plans. Each plan is bigger than the one before it and a little more expensive of course. The all the one bedroom apartments had applications pending for them but there one of the smaller two bedrooms available.

After some quick mental math I decided I could afford the two bedroom and went ahead with the application. There's still a chance that I might a one bedroom if someone's credit comes back really bad.

I could have waited another month and a one bedroom would probably have come up available but I've already said I want to move by the end of this month. If I put it off, it would feel like I was taking a step backwards. This is like the next big step in my journey through life and I don't want to wait any longer than I need to.

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