Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving Update 5

I got a call Friday morning from the woman who has been handling my apartment application. She told me that I had been denied based on my credit. She suggested I could get someone to co-sign the lease. I made a call to my parents and after a little discussion they agreed to help me out. There is still a chance that they could be denied but I feel like I've the one big hurdle and everything will work out from here on out.

When I found out I was denied, my mood fell from happy/excited to crushed/wants to give up. I felt this way all morning. It was a random act of kindness that broke me out of it. While leaving my bank after depositing my check, a woman and a young boy like four or five years old were walking out in front of me. I was about ten feet behind them but the boy stopped to hold the door open for me. It was a small gesture but it was a nice moment in an otherwise sucky morning.

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