Thursday, July 2, 2009

On being called ma'am

Recently I've noticed a slight increase in the number of times I'm called ma'am. I've even been called lady twice in the last few days. My friend Gillian would say it's all about energy and I would have to agreed.

I've been feeling more and more comfortable just being me. Letting go of the act I put on to be normal. Of course I'm not really a very good actress so mostly I'm just quiet. At least I used to be. I'm feeling more at ease letting myself act like I want to act instead of how I think I should act.

I've said before many times that I need to come out at work. I think I'm going to stop saying it cause it doesn't matter. The people I work with won't care and I've decided that if the higher ups don't like it they can just fire me and I'll find a new job. This is not to say that I won't come out at some point but I'm not thinking of it as something I have to do but as something I will do when the time is right for me.


  1. Very good. Very wise. I should follow your advice.

  2. Ah, but everything I said here, I learned from you.

  3. I could be a smartass and say "no wonder it's good advice" or I could be a little more honest, comparing myself to Alice who "gave herself very good advice but very seldom followed it." I think I fall somewhere between.

    Luv ya.