Sunday, July 19, 2009

I think the hole closed up

A few days ago I woke up early to go wash at a near by laundrymat before going into work. I changed my earrings from the mysitic fire topaz studs to my dreamcatcher earings cause I wanted to wear them even if only for a few hours. I had a little trouble getting the left one through the hole. It felt like it went in half way then stopped. I had just taken out the other earring so I knew there was a hole there. After a little gentle prodding I was able to get it through. Latter when I removed the dreamcatcher earring and tried to put in the stud, I again could not find the hole. That time while trying to get the earring through the hole, I bled a few drops due to some less than gentle prodding. Rather than hurt myself more I gave up on that ear and just wore the one in my right. After work I examined my left ear better and noticed a lump in it which I do not have in my right. I decided not to try forcing an earring through my left ear and to let it heal and repierce it latter.

At this time the lump has shrunk quite a bit and is almost gone. The hole seems to have closed up but I am reluctant to try to hard to put in an earing. My right ear is fine and I have had no problems inserting earrings like I was with my left.

Update eight months later: The next day the lump was almost gone and I was able reinsert an earing. I did have apply a little bit of force and it bleed a little but it didn't really hurt and was not that hard since I was just reopening the hole. I followed up by treating that ear as if it had just been pierced, applying the cleaning solution I was given and rotating the earing once a day and not taking it out until it was completely healed, about two or three more months.

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