Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New earings

Today I bought myself some new earrings, which was like the last thing I expected to do today but it felt really good.

Here's a pic of the dreamcatcher earrings I bought:

I also bought these mystic fire topaz studs to wear during work since we aren't allowed to wear dangling earrings:

I bought two other sets of dangling earrings. One set are silver hoops on hooks with red beads hanging from the bottom and the other set has a brown/golden brown streaked stone hanging from a short chain with a golden brown bead in the middle of the chain. I can't find pictures of them and right now I'm failing at taking or uploading pics.

The studs I bought when I realized I wouldn't be able to wear my new earrings at work. Sounds kind of silly to buy a set of earrings just because you can't wear the other earrings you just bought at work but it feels completely justified to me, so there.

I changed from the studs I was wearing to the dreamcatchers at my work and got a few compliments before I headed home. I was a little self-consious at first but quickly shrugged it off.

Buying earrings may not be a very big deal but the way I felt while looking at them and while wearing them is. To be blunt I felt just fine, which is not how I would have felt just a year ago. A year ago I would have been nervous and scared to even be seen looking at earrings, let alone wearing them in public or at work. It's a little step forward but miles from where I started.

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  1. They're beautiful! BTW, I had a colleague who bought an entire turquoise outfit to match the color of the puppet she was using to demonstrate an elementary school lesson plan. Don't feel silly. Take any excuse you can to buy jewelry.