Monday, February 21, 2011


Last week I was fighting depression. I'm still fighting off black thoughts but I have several projects I'm working on off and on to keep me busy. So I'm coping but haven't been in the mood write posts or anything else.

I've been working on gathering info about getting a blanket license for the college's film club. I've also been working on a proposal for Haven's, the gay straight alliance at the college, first event.

Oh, I haven't written about what happened. Ok, so remember the film club and Haven were going to have screen two movies for Haven's Groundhog's Day Coming Out event. The event was canceled by college administration. They said that the film club was screening movies in violation of copyright laws. In fact the film club has been doing this unaware. Now it could just be a coincidence that when the LGBT club wants to show some movies is when they decide to say we can't show any movies due to copyright concerns but somehow I doubt it.

So now the film club can't show movies which is why I'm working on the blanket licence. It won't let us show any movie, only movies from a list of independent distributors. There are still a lot of movies we can show from them that will be worthwhile.

Besides those things I've mostly been randomly reading stuff online and just trying not to feel too depressed.

That's all for today,

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