Friday, February 11, 2011


Mood: Feeling mostly fine. The other day I was walking home feeling good, thinking about this story I want to write which is really the back story to this other story I want to write when I saw a McDonald's bag, side split, ketchup packets spilling out, by the side of the road and suddenly had a flash of a dream I had months ago. This was not a good dream. That day I woke up and started crying because what happened in the dream was horrible. I wrote down the dream but didn't post or talk about it here. I've pretty much put it out of my mind but when I saw that bag which looked like the bag from my dream I didn't feel fine anymore. I was a little shaken but I kept walking and after a while I started to feel better and mostly put it out of my head again. Until I saw another McDonald's bag and it all came back again. It was a little easier to put it away the second but it still bothered me.

Health: Monday and Tuesday I had nosebleeds. I just had one a few minutes ago. Might be nothing but I want to make a note of it.

Happenings: I went to the College Film Club meeting yesterday. You may remember I mentioned the Film Club partnering with Haven for a Groundhog Coming Out Event. Well it was canceled by the college administration due to copyright concerns. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and accepting this as an unfortunate coincidence.

Writing: I wrote about a page and a half.

Media: I watched Assault Girls last night. It was a good but short movie.


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