Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What am I doing here?

When I started this blog, I already had a personal online journal on LiveJournal. I wanted to start a new blog a write about important 'issues' but that only lasted about a week and then I was writing about my life again. I wanted to write words that had meaning and weight behind them but all I ever seemed to write about was my own unimportant life.

And you know what; I'm okay with that. I've realized that I'm not a writer of "serious business". I'm a fiction writer. Every time I have ever sat down and tried to write something factual I failed. But I can sit down and spin a story easily; maybe not the best story but the page won't be blank when I'm done. I'm not quitting this blog. I'm accepting it for what it is; the story of my life. I'm still an Infowhore and I'm still going to be speaking but I'm not going to worry about trying to find important things to speak about. I'm just going to speak about my life which I'm already doing a lot of anyway I'm just not going to feel bad about it.

To cement this turning point in my thinking about this blog I've changed the description of the blog to:

Welcome to my little blog. I'm here to speak about my life as a geek, nerd, otaku, transgender woman, writer, reader, bi-romantic demisexual person, video gamer, infowhore and most importantly as a human being.


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