Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting out just in time

Since Friday when the friend I'm going to be staying with called and said that I could move in on Monday I've been counting the days. Tonight is my last night in the dark apartment and tomorrow I move in with her. And not a day too soon. Earlier today I received a call from the landlord which I didn't answer and let go to voice mail. The landlord left a message saying that if he didn't get a call from us he was going to be changing the locks and calling the police on anyone seen in the apartment after that.

I had planned on moving my stuff after I got out of work. I'm now going to be getting up early, moving my remaining stuff to my storage unit which is close to the apartment before going to work and then never going back to the apartment again. After work I'll pop by my storage unit get my stuff and head over to my friend's house.

So I'm leaving just as I am kicked out. It feels like I've dodged a bullet.

As always, I'm going to be fine.


Oh on a side note today I borrowed my sister's vehicle to move a few things that didn't get moved last Wednesday. While I was at my storage unit I noticed an outlet near my unit. This discovery makes the possibility of me living in the unit that much more feasible.

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