Monday, November 1, 2010

Not so good news

You know I think the universe is just fucking with me now. It feels like it's playing a game of "let's see how much emotional range Gilly can go through in less than a day."

Yesterday I got the good news that I would have a place to stay but not until the 8th. I told myself I could live in the apartment in the dark for a little more than a week, no problem.

Last night I went to refill my cat's water dish, turned the faucet on and nothing happened. The landlord has turned off my water. What really galls me is that it was Sunday which means he must have had the handyman, that is supposed to work on the apartments when something breaks, do it. The same handyman who never got around to fixing the slow draining tub or leaky pipes or running toilet. No, he doesn't have time to fix anything but he can turn off my water on a Sunday!

My overall plans are the same. I'm going today to rent the storage. Wednesday, I'll put all my stuff in storage, that's when F, who has a truck is off, is going to help me move everything. Then I'll stay in the apartment as long as I can or until the 8th and then go to stay with J2(J being one of the other guys I'm moving in with and J2 being the friend who is lettting me stay with her for a little while). Finally once we(FJM) have a place move my stuff out of storage to there.

I'm more and less ok in different ways but overall I'm ok.


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