Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Star Trek Afterthoughts

After watching a bootlegged copy of the new Star Trek movie Sunday night I decided to see the movie properly in the theater at least once. Today my niece and I went to see it. My niece is not a Trek fan but having seen the movie I thought she might like it and I personally like cultivating her inner geek. After the movie she told me that she had been confused at first but as the movie unfolded she caught what was going on. Her take on the movie as a whole was, "That was awesome!"

I would agree that the movie was awesome. Characters were spot on, the effects were grin inducing and I liked the story that was told.

Now one minor complaint.

I have a slight problem with how the female members of Starfleet are dressed. Nothing wrong with the minidress that 99% of them wear except that it isn't realistic. Why would a military organization have a different duty uniform for women? They wouldn't. The minidress uniforms are an artifact of a tv series that aired in the late 60's. Later series and movies did away with the different duty uniforms for males and females. So why is it in this movie? It feels very out of place considering that during the opening scenes, set twenty fiveish years earlier, there was nary a skirt to be seen. Skip forward 25 years storywise and suddenly every female Starfleet member is in a skirt. To make matters even stranger, I know I saw at least one female crew member wearing pants and a regular tunic. This makes it seem like given the choice between pants and a minidress, 99% of women would chose the dress. Yikes. Can anyone say big step backward?

I'm just saying they took the time to realize the old bridge looked outdated, so they changed it to look much more advanced but couldn't apply the same logic to the the female minidress uniform.

Despite that minor irritant I really enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it.


  1. I would have chose the skirt too. I thought it looked really cute. Though I have to mention from my end the way their dressed in no way lowers the standard of how good ( or bad )the females of star fleet preform their jobs. It's only preference.

  2. Oh, I am absolutely not saying that I think less of the women of Starfleet for wearing the skirt. I'm questioning the thought process of the filmmakers. And yes the skirts were cute.