Sunday, June 7, 2009

One more day till I leave for Pretzel U. I'm so syced that I when I think about what I'm going to be doing next week I get a big cheesy smile. I've got just a few things to take care of like washing some clothes and buying an alarm clock to take with me. I'm not sure if there'll be one in the hotel or motel we're staying in. The last hotel I stayed in ten years ago(yeah I'm not big on traveling) didn't have one, they did have a wake up service but I think I would rather use an alarm clock. I need to get a new one anyways since the alarm in mine has stopped working. The clock part is fine, it's just the alarm part that's busted.

Besides the clothes I'll be wearing, which I'll be packing in my new duffel bag, I'll also be taking in my backpack:

MP3 player,
Alias HC(this is an awesome comic series by Brian Michael Bendis),
generic pain relivers(I sometimes get headaches when I travel),
cellphone and charger,
hair elastics,
vitamin supplements,
disposable razors and shaving cream,
and other toiletries.

Well I've some how stayed up all night and the sun is rising. I think I will forgo sleep in this day cycle and crash early tonight. This will hopefully have the beneficial side effect of resting my sleep cycle to normal hours.

Since this may be my last post for a week I will say. "See you all in a week."

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