Friday, June 5, 2009

Advice needed!

So the other day I was going through my browser history looking for a webpage when I saw some entries for redtube. For those not in the know redtube is like youtube but for porn. Now I will not deny having gone there in past but not on the day that I was looking at in the history. After looking at the times and date I realized that on that day I had left my netbook at hone for my niece to type up a paper, because her laptop was on the fritz.

In Chrome opening a new tab displays your top nine most visited sites. While helping her mother look up something on my niece's laptop I noticed redtube was on the new tab page. I asked my niece to come help me with something in another room and told her what I had seen. Then I gave her tips on how to hide her viewing habits better and told her I wouldn't tell her mom.

Now I'm wondering if I made the right call. I'm thinking I should have a sit down conversation about safe sex with her to be sure she has good info. I am conflicted about not telling her mom. Should I tell her? I'm really unsure what her reaction would be.


  1. Maybe she needs to talk with an older female? Granted growing up a young girl most girls tend to frown at looking at pornography ( and masturbation ) where young boys tend to thumbs someone else up.

    If you DO talk to her about it. Safe sex is something you need to touch up on. However, the fact that most pornography is scripted, rehearsed, and an idealistic version of "clean" sex ( as in lack of fluids, sweat, etc ) is not an actual portrait of what REAL sex is like at all.

    I held out till I was 20 for sex, but I was prepared. is a good resource for teens though.

  2. Also, by older female I don't mean her mom or a high school girl ( who are generally very wrong about sex related topics ).

    Know anyone with experience. I'm just saying but...talking with a family member can get really awkward. I'd never tell my mother, cousins, or anyone I was related to about my sex life. :\