Sunday, April 19, 2009

Writing problem/Look at this new cool comic I found!

I think I may have a problem. At some point in the last couple of days I started asking myself what I was saying with "Am I Memorex?" See I had this feeling that besides being a story that people might want to read just because, that there was something I wanted 'say' with the story. Not like I wanted to preach some kind of lesson but rather to show some part of me. And I figured out what part of me was trying to come out through the story. This has a downside cause now that I know what I want the story to be I can see bits that I want to change in the parts that I've already posted. I don't want to restart the story but I also don't want to make anyone who has been reading to have to go back and reread everything. Any ideas?

I just found this comic Khaos Komix because someone had an image from the comic as their LG icon and someone else said "Love the icon I can't wait for the next part," which totally made me go "I must find this comic," cause the one who said that is the author of Tales of Mu, which is an online serial story that I love(that link is to the first episode of the story btw). So I set out to find the comic, which was very easy cause the user with the icon had a link on their userpic page that I followed right to the comic.

I'm now a little more than half way through the archive and I can not believe that I did not know about this comic. I mean like a couple of years ago I set out to find as many LGBT comics online as I could and I found a bunch but somehow this comic never even blipped on my radar. I may need to set out on another hunt but that will have to wait for a little while.

There are a few other things I wanted to gush about but I really want to get back to Khaos Komix so I'm just going to list links:

Girl Genius - Adventure, Romance, Mad Science! - Send an email to the future.

EZTV - My source for torrents of current tv shows.

W Juliet - An awesome manga that I started reading but fell out of for some reason but now have restarted.

See ya.

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