Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bloging on writing daily.

Part Eleven of "Am I Memorex?" is up.

The following is me talking a little about the story and how I write. There is a mild spoiler for Part Ten but it's nothing you shouldn't already know if you were paying attention.

Tonight is the first time the narrator refers to herself as a woman. The narrator/main character has always been a woman but before this part there was no way to bring this up. I mentioned her name in the short blurb I posted when part two went up but it hasn't come up in story until tonight's part. I was beginning to worry that there wouldn't be a good place to insert this info for at least another week.

This is of course a side effect of writing to a hundred word quota. The story advances slowly but not, I think, slower than if I was drawing it as a daily webcomic. It's an interesting thought. A daily three to four panel comic would have roughly the same or less story advancement as my daily hundred word posts.

I am considering doubling my daily word quota. This would depend on me getting far enough ahead that I would have a buffer to prevent dead days. Currently I'm writing about two days ahead of what I'm posting. I've been writing each part in turn, not just tearing off the next hundred words from what I've written. If I over write a part I either trim it down or move the last sentence to the next part if I feel the line needs to be saved. Typically I edit each post twice, once right after I've written it and then the next day before I create a new scheduled post for it on the blog.

I am writing in a very linear A B C fashion. I have a vague idea of where the story is going but for the most part I'm letting the characters pull me along. Already a couple of characters have shown me things I didn't know about them. I won't say what these things are cause they would be more than a lot spoilery.

Well that's all for this night. See you cats later.

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