Sunday, April 26, 2009

Midnight Cleaning

My room is now mostly clean. I'm pretty bad about keeping my room tidy. It's not that I don't like a clean room. I love the way it looks right after I've picked everything off the floor, swept and reorganized shelves. It's a gradual slide into untidyness that gets me. A shirt dropped on the floor, an old work schedule that fell out of my backpack, socks. Slowly it accumulates and before I know it the floor is lost beneath the shifting trash and dirty laundry. Until in a bust of energy, always late at night, I clear it away.

Tonight I went even farther and cleaned my closet. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the pile of tangled wires and stuff that nested within. About ten power cords, a few hundred feet phone wires, a few av cables, eight AC adapters, two mice, a keyboard, two parallel cables for printers, five flat hard drive ribbon cables and a set of jumper cables made up the bulk of the tangle. Besides untangling everything and sorting it out, I've also filled a garbage bag with stuff that I have no use for nor will I be able to make use of in the next year. An old caller id, a cordless phone, a corded phone that didn't work any more a set of small unpowered speakers, a broken scale, a busted door lock, two car sylinoids and a busted headset with a mic are just some of the things I culled from my closet.

There is still a little bit of tidying to do before I go to sleep so I be back tomorrow.

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