Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writing more

It's only been a week and a half since my last post which is an improvement.

Now on to what this post's title is about. I've been writing more. To be more specific I've been writing more fiction. To be even more specific I've been working on scripts for an animated series a coworker and I have been working on. It's quite an ambitious project considering we've got rough story plots for three seasons of about 15 episodes each, three movies and a spat of holiday specials. So far I've got one complete script written and I'm working actively writing another. We don't yet know how we're going to animate it but we'll cross that bridge when I have more scripts written. I have said that I want at least the pilot done by the end of this year.

All this started about five months ago when my coworker, after one of our many discussions about movies we'd like to make, said we should work on a something together. He came up with a lot of the original ideas for the series but I've been adding my own and at this point there are some ideas that we can't remember who came up with them. At first I was skeptical about the series but after a few discussions I was hooked and after a month of talking I bought a notepad and started making notes. I'm doing most of the writing but it doesn't feel like I'm working alone. We talk so much about the series and throw ideas back in forth so much that this is a collaborative effort.

I'm also just started working on the script for a comic that will feature a year in the life of a superhero by showing all 365 days. Working title right now is 365 Hero. Obviously it won't go into great detail about each day, in fact I plan to have each day represented on a single page with a two page spread about once a week for important or visually spectacular days. I estimate it will run between 450 and 500 hundred pages. I'm not a great artist so I don't know when this will see the light of day. Ideally it would be published weekly covering one week time wise as well. After the year ended it could be collected in an omnibus edition. This is still very much in the planing stages.

Wow, I don't dream small do I? :)

Well thats all for now.

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