Sunday, March 6, 2011


Double post today due to Thursday's post not getting posted until today.

Mood: Feeling average right now. Saturday I spent a little time with my sister and her kids which almost always makes me feel better, so it was a good mood day.

Friday I started the day feeling a little run down. Around 11am I started to feel a migraine coming on. I finished what I was doing and downed three Excedrin, the dose that works best for me. For about fifteen minutes I suffered through migraine symptoms until the Excedrin kicked in and kick in it did. I felt great. I felt full of energy. I felt mildly high. I've never felt that way after taking Excedrin before. After doing some research I think I what I experienced was a normal reaction to a high dose (but not overdose) of caffeine. I'm unsure if I actually took my regular three or if a fourth pill might have slipped out of the bottle into my hand and been consumed accidentally. In any event I was feeling very good for most of the day but did feel a little unfocused and had trouble sitting still.

Health: Like I said I felt a migraine coming on Friday but took Excedrin and felt fine. Today, Sunday, I again felt a migraine coming on and took Excedrin for it. The weather has been shifting lately which is a cause of my migraines.

Happenings: Nothing really.

Media: I finished the main story in Fallout 3. I have a save from just before starting the last mission so I can still complete the other side quests I didn't get to but having finished the game and reaching the level cap had me feeling like moving on to a different. So I have restarted playing Dragon Age: Origins. I'm playing a female rouge noble. My previous rouge was a city elf but it's been so long since I played that I've forgotten most of what has happened to her so I started over with a new character. I'm going to try to finish a playthrough so I can get Dragon Age 2. I know I could play DA2 without finishing DAO but in my head I can't.

Writing: None.


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