Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mood/mental health: I feel agitated. I feel like I can't sit still. I have a slight headache. My thoughts feels like they are racing. I feel unfocused, like I'm not in my body and in it at the same time or switching between the two states very fast.

Happenings: The night of my last post I cleaned my bathroom. I washed all my dishes the other day as well. My apartment is still messier than I would like it but at least some progress has been made. I talked to the manager at the cookie store to see if she would talk to the regional manager about rehiring me part time. I really hope she(regional manager) says yes. I really want to go back to working with the people there and I could use the extra money.

Media: I watched Battle Royale over the weekend. It's a Japanese film about a middle school class that is forced to kill each other by the government. Not a whole lot of depth to the movie but it is entertaining.

Writing: I wrote a scene for JOBC and outlined a story. I did this while at the mall hanging out near the cookie store that JOBC is based on.


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