Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Update 12-24

Just stopping by to say I'm still here.

Wow, the clouds have parted right in front of the sun just as rain begins to pour down on the Hasting's patio I can see from inside. And now a few minutes later the rain has slowed but the sun remains to blind me out the corner of my eye.

Yesterday I played Santa too my friends. I handed out the gifts I had bought for them, collected a few hugs and went home happy.

My family had our Christmas get together last week so Christmas day is a free day for me. I'll probably just stay home and play Mass Effect 2 or watch movies.

Update on my housing situation: I was going to get an apartment with a couple of friends but they are taking a very long time to get their apps filled out. I've decided to get an apartment by myself. There is an apartment complex that doesn't do credit checks, there's no lease to sign, light, water, trash, and cable are included, the apartments come with a microwave, tv, bed, and fridge. In the short run it will cost me less to move in there but more per month than I would have been playing with my friends. I'd like to wait but I don't like imposing on the friends I'm staying with now much more. I've all ready told them that I would be out of their hair by the end of this month at the start of this month.

So I'll soon be getting my first apartment alone.


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