Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My power is OVER 9000!

Not really but I needed a title.

I do feel like my drawing skills have gone up a couple of levels, though. I finished drawing the first draft of a comic I wrote last week. The idea for the comic came to me suddenly and I felt compelled to write it down immediately, which I did longhand over the course of an hour. Wednesday of last week I sat down and drew half the comic and planed out the panels for the other half. Last night I made a push to finish it and almost did. Today after work I drew the last few panels and called the first draft done. The comic is twenty-one pages long, not counting the cover.

I'm very happy about having got this far with it.

The story of the comic is very goofy and kinda screwball but it's good practice. I've started thinking about trying my hand at a serious subject but I don't have any real ideas yet.

That's all for today,

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