Monday, October 11, 2010

New Writing Plateau

I feel like I've reached a new plateau in my writing. I feel like I've found my groove. I'm not saying that I've become a great writer but I am a better one than I was a few months ago. And I'll be still better in a few more months and so on. Right now though I've made a minor break through which I'm celebrating.

Writing used to be something I only did when inspiration hit. I needed a good idea and I needed to work out some of it in my head but not too much or I wouldn't be able to write it down without feeling like I was rehashing something I had already done. Most of those efforts didn't last long enough to make it to a completed story.

In the past few months I have gotten into the habit of writing everyday. Usually I work on the project I've been working on with my friend. Sometimes I write my own stories which feel easier to write now. I don't feel the need to have the words perfect on my head before typing them out. I feel freer to just write and if it's good it's good; if it isn't good then I trash it and write some more. I'm less afraid to write badly which frees the mind considerably. When every line has to be perfect the first time you write it you can get stuck very easily but when you know that you can always fix or delete it later, you can just roll right over those bumps.

All in all this plateau, this break through, is really just me relaxing into writing what comes to my mind without trying so hard that I choke. It's an easy concept but it can be hard to implement.

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