Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ok, so I've got a bit of a heads up for any regular readers my already irregular posting schedule is going to become even more irregular next month. Next month is Nation Novel Writing Month I'm going to be participating. Basically this blog is going to be pretty quiet for about a month. I may post some updates on how much I've written but don't expect regular posts about anything else. I may prepare a few short reviews about webcomics I like to be auto posted during the month but again don't expect too much. Maybe next year I'll be a strong enough writer to churn out tens of thousands of words a day and post on my blog everyday. Right now I'm lucky if I can post more than three times a week.

Nanowrimon is when people around the country try to write an entire novel in one month. For the purposes of the event a novel equals 50,000 words. The novel can be any genre, pretty much anything goes as long it's 50,000 words. There aren't any prizes or awards except for being able to say you did it. There maybe some sort of web badge I can put up but I'm not sure.

I first heard about this about four years ago. Two years ago I was unemployed for a month and starting to write more. I posted word counts for awhile on twitter and someone suggested I try to do it. After doing the math about how much I was writing versus what I would need to write I decided not to try. Last year things were in such a mess with me running the cookie store after my boss skipped out on us that I didn't even have time to realize it was that time of year again. This year I'm not unemployed but my job isn't too demanding and I'm not managing a store by myself and I feel like I've experienced real growth as a writer in the last year, so I'm going to go for it.

I may not meet the 50,000 word goal in the thirty days but I am going to try. I feel I need to at least try. I feel like if I put it off for another year I may never do it. Two years ago I found myself lacking and did not try. This year I find myself lacking but I am willing to try.

Also I'm not sure what I want to write so I'm looking for ideas. So if you have an idea for a novel that you don't mind giving away, send it to me in the comments or via email. Thanks.

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