Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm still here for what it's worth.

I've wanted to post a couple of time in the past week or so but my posts keep getting derailed by the fact that I have been feeling more depressed than usual. So I figure I'd write a little about that.

I am depressed. It's easy to type but so hard to say. I've only said it once in passing to someone. If I were to tell more people part of me would feel like I was just fishing for sympathy.

What makes it harder is that I am functional in day to day life and I actually excel at my job. But I don't feel happy most of the time. At work I sometime begin to feel like everything is wrong that I'm doing a terrible job and the store will soon begin to fall apart. I KNOW that none of that is true but I still feel it. I have to remind myself that everything is fine that I'm doing the best job that I can and the store is running fine. I have to do this almost constantly some days.

To be a little random here is a pic of my cat Pia. It took me almost fifteen minutes to get a pic in which she wasn't just a blur.

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